Original Wooden Dummy
Original Wooden Dummy
Beautiful design | Customised for you | Sturdy and Strong
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Australia's only customised dummy - made specifically for your height and build.

Is this your next training partner?
Built to replace framed and wall mounted dummies. This is the sturdiest dummy made of this type. You no longer need a frame or wall-mounted dummy.

This dummy will not move around when you strike it. It is thick, heavy and loaded with features such as our internal impact absorption system.

Our new design and price includes all previously optional features

Don't look any further. This is Australia's only customised wooden dummy. It is built for your height and build. This is the most sturdy wooden dummy ever made. Strike this dummy hard and it will stand strong like a framed dummy. You will not find another dummy with the unique features we offer.

The Original Wooden Dummy does it all...

Customised Wooden Dummy – We build Australia's only customisable Wooden Dummy suited specifically to your height and build. Every dummy is hand-made by Ian in our local workshop. Don't settle for a dummy that is not made for your height. It will be uncomfortable to train with and negatively impact your technique.

Heavy Duty - Our dummies now have new features including thicker body, base and base-post. This dummy is so sturdy. It can easily withstand significant force without moving around. The first of it's kind. The body is reinforced with internal bolts to provide even more durability. The thicker post measures 90x90mm. This adds weight and thickness. Your dummy will not bounce around. This is an extremely strong and stable dummy. The first of it's kind.

Impact Absorption System - This unique feature designed by Ian redistributes incoming force and allows the dummy to provide a realistic feedback without being pushed around. This is a brilliant feature and only available with our dummies.

Realistic Knee - After consulting with head instructors, it was suggested that we add a knee to the leg. This is a beautifully designed knee that helps with some kicking moves. It is also reinforced with internal metal rods to add strength to the joints.

Weight plate system - This is situated at the back of the dummy and is a place where weights can be added to give even more weight if you think you need it. This is a unique feature of our dummies.

Rubber Base - Helps stability and protects floor. Provides grip an hard surfaced and carpet. Attached using a high grade industrial glue (not available from regular hardware stores).

Supurb Finishings - The Original Wooden Dummy is finished in our famous ‘Japanese Brown’ Stain and finished with additional coats of marine grade external high quality polyurethane.

Avoid Cheap and Nasty Dummies. You get what you pay for.

Compact Design – One of our main design criteria was to produce a dummy suitable for small areas. It can stand alone or be located in a corner or against the wall.

Transportable – The Original Wooden Dummy can be set-up in a moment. This is perfect for people who want to transport the dummy such as an instructor moving the dummy from home to a training centre.

Easy Set-up – Set-up in a couple of minutes.

Handmade in Sydney –  Every dummy is lovingly handcrafted in our small workshop in Sydney using high quality, locally sourced timber. No expense is spared when it comes to the quality of all products used.

Laminated Timber Body & Hardwood Arms and Legs – For superior strength, weight and balance. Our Wooden Dummies are built to last with sheets of timber, marine grade glues and paints along with a hidden internal metal pin system to provide additional strength. A single log can split and fracture over time as it is affected by the environment. Our method prevents any splitting.

Polyurethane finish on body and base, including in the holes for post, arms & leg.

Arms are finished with Polyurethane for added durability. The front sections of the arms is soaked in Tung oil and polished. This provides strength to the timber but still allows a nice tactile feel when using.

Locally hand-made in Sydney, Australia with Timber from sustainable sources - we care about using timber from a sustainable source.

What we need:

  1. Your height

  2. Your Shoulder Height (top of shoulder)

  3. Your chest height (nipple line)

  4. Your navel height (belly button to ground)


Order your customised Original Wooden Dummy today

Quality all the way

Our Original Wooden Dummies are loaded with additional features making it the most well-designed and customisable wooden dummy on the market. We focus on maximising the experience for every practitioner.

A customised dummy will help your training by:

  • Allowing you to feel more comfortable moving around the dummy and maintaining the correct distance

  • Your forms will flow much better

  • You will not over reach or feel cramped when training

  • You will feel great training knowing that your dummy has been set-up for you

  • We want to provide all of our clients with a personalised, comfortable and exciting training experience.

Australia’s only fully customised wooden dummy. Don’t settle for a dummy that is not built for you or your height and build.

You don’t need a big frame or attach a dummy to the wall, our dummies are strong enough to stand alone. We have been making dummies for over five years and our customers love them.

We make beautiful wooden dummies that are sturdy, balanced and beautifully hand-crafted. Each of our wooden dummies are customised for you and are made with high quality Australian timber. They offer unique design, adjustability and portability. We pride ourselves on the outstanding craftsmanship of every one of our dummies.

Our workshop is based in Sydney, Australia. We are simply passionate about martial arts and working with beautiful timber. You will love training with an Original Wooden Dummy.

We believe in beautiful and functional design.